All we need is a tasty tshirt, a cool buzz, and we're fine.

Wave your freak flag high. Wear your strain for the world to see! Whether you’re smokin’ up and chillin’, or going to your company Christmas party, these highest quality pieces of wearable art set the standard for comfort and just plain coolness.

TDOG Tribute design t-shirts are in production!

I am stoked to announce (after much demand) Finally, can we get a tshirt TDOG? YES and YES. Ten of my cultivar designs will be available on quality tshirts/hoodies, caps and more. Ten to Twelve of my tshirt designs will be available for purchase very, very soon. Top quality wear. Be the first to own an exclusive TDOG design.  Please bear with us as we determine the best way for you to purchase and receive your badass apparel. Stay tuned for the gallery of worthy strain designs I’ve chosen to print first. If your favorite medicine is not available in this premiere run? No worries… I’m up to eighty plus designs completed. So, there’s definitely more to come.
Blazin’ forward. Peace. Love more, Fear less.