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Hi there, I'm TDOG the artist. That's T, to the D, to the Mother-Lovin' OG

aka the Todd Man, aka ``don't call me late for dinner.`` Welcome aboard my creative cannabis-art train to dankness!

I’m an Artist/Advocate/Dude, with a fun-loving badass reputation that precedes me. I’m currently on a dank path and vision quest to pay proper creative and illustrative tribute to every worthy cultivar/strain known to mankind, or soon to be. My intent for this website is that it becomes a place to meet, to virtually sesh and to behold my creative percolations.  Let’s say, an alternative viewpoint of the bigger picture through the slightly more closed eyes of a 40+ year dude, who will not stand for this aggression. Time to smile.

The site will be multi-faceted. Yes, I’ll be developing and pursuing my mission to design and illustrate my take on every worthy cannabis strain known to mankind. And… I’ll also be offering my designs on merch (shirts, hoodies, rolling trays, dab mats, commissioned prints and more)…so you can make a somewhat irreverent statement, and yet still display your favorite medicine proudly. Aw, hell yeah. Time to chill.

I started imbibing when I was 2 years old. (JK’ing) And yes, as you can tell… I’m an old school ‘stoner’ and don’t have a regret in the world for being one. What is a stoner? Well, it might look like a functioning and successful artist. Go figure. I’m also excellent at playing Jeopardy, even after a nice bong hit. I’m not here to fall in line. I’m here to be me: Todd, aka TDOG® the artist, aka T, to the D, to the Mother-loving OG… clear on his mission. This is not about conforming. It’s an art revolution to make you smile, make you think, and to encourage you to participate in the chillax-ness of the cannabis nation and with the individuals who partake. It’s time to educate and celebrate!

As an accomplished brand developer, designer, illustrator, mad artist and overall creative guru, I’ve had the joy and privilege to work with some the best in the biz. As this site unfolds, you will see my sojourn unfold. Meeting a breed of human that knows there’s a better way to be, amongst my ‘cannabis nation’

I am only one artist, but I’m on a mission to help the cannabiz come into the light of the general marketplace…. with that TdOG style. Normalization is tantamount to proper legalization and access to Mother Earth’s medicine.

Finally, the subject matter of Whatzyourstrain.com deals with what our government calls an ‘illicit drug’. It’s far from that. It’s a just a plant! … natural, plain and complex in its beauty, not to mention the countless benefits for humanity. This is good medicine! Let’s end the double standard and keep our freedom to pursue our happiness our own way.

Blazing forward, I am…


How I found my mojo (and what I did with it when I found it).

It was the summer of 2016. My good buddy, MJ, a professional indoor farmer, had a ‘grow’ he was going to enter in the Michigan High Times Cannabis Cup. The entry was the popular strain, Girl Scout Cookie. He, knowing my art talents, thought it would be cool if I would design him a label for his fragrant and tasty harvest. I said, “Hell, yeah!”

Mind you, my friend has been dealing with a very serious medical condition for the last 10 years. It’s called Behçet’s disease and it’s a motherfucker. He’s been in and out of the hospital all along the way. Because he’s single, and because he might look like your stereotypical farmer, the hospitals think he’s trying to get opioids for recreation or addiction. Nah. So, Cannabis, the herb, mother’s plant, has become his salvation.

But I digress… So he entered the Girl Scout cookie, and got honorable mention! He came home, we talked, we burned, we brainstormed. My business as a brand developer was slow, and I saw the promise and possibilities of the burgeoning cannabis culture and industry.

I started thinking about all the different strain names and how creative and plentiful they were. LIGHT BULB MOMENT! 100s OF STRAINS… MY ILLUSTRATIVE MADNESS… IT’S A MIX THAT CAN’T BE DENIED! I started drawing and it hasn’t stopped since.

A year later, the seeds I planted that day with MJ have come to fruition and are flowering in this website. I have over 40 completed full-color strain designs and close to 75 more designed and in development. Not a day goes by that I’m not sketching or doing research for one or more new designs.

I hope you enjoy my work. If you have a favorite strain that you’d like me to bring to life, or just want to let me know what you think, just click HERE and drop me an email.