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Dank Development

Dank Development

(or The Hits Just Keep On Comin’)

Yes, yes yes! The dream quest is afoot and on the roll. Over 40 completed full-color strain designs so far and close to 75 more designed and in development. People say I’m crazy, I’ve got diamonds on the soles of my shoes. And here in the Department of Dank Development you can watch me walk the walk.


A peak behind the curtain at the Wizard of Whatzyourstrain and his creation madness... er, process.

People sometimes ask me: How do you do that voodoo that you do? Well, it’s a process, like anything else. If possible, I’d prefer to taste the actual strain that I am going to illustrate. But that’s not always possible, so, I instead indulge my chronically-challenged nature with the best that Michigan can grow. Once attaining a suitable level of blazeness, the process to pay proper tribute to a particular cultivar/strain begins. I approach my creation, as a master breeder would approach his grow and harvest. I seriously research each and every cannabis strain. Its country of origin, its breeder, its growers. If it’s a sativa/indica or hybrid, acknowledging its parents. I also research its recreational and medical benefits and try to incorporate that aspect into the design and the detail, I so enjoy to bring to every creation.

Valley Girl

Designing this popular California Cultivar (balanced hybrid), was a labor of love. I do love to draw women. A favorite subject. Go figure. Its inspiration came in the memory of a beautiful friend, Valarie, from when I lived in Los Angeles…


As with all my depictions of popular strains, along with my stream of consciousness, I like to follow a set of guidelines in their creation. I try to pay homage to the breeder, the entity responsible for the genetics. For the Valley Girl strain, that’s Archive Seed Banks, which I show etched on the mason jars that our bong-smoking sexy stoner is guarding closely. I also make reference to this strain’s parents that made ‘her’. SFV Kush + Face Off Kush. I also researched the benefits and physical effects of its proper use. I see, HAPPY, EUPHORIC… and lastly I reference its supposed country of origin by including the term AFGHANI. My intent is to tell the story in one detailed and entertaining image.

Golden Goat

Ahhh… the story of the GOAT, or as the trending acronym (G.O.A.T.) suggests, “Greatest of all of Time”? While researching popular strains, this hybrid cultivar’s name caught my eye. I immediately imagined the Golden Goat from the biblical stories…

Then as I came to read its origins, two new strains made my list to do. Mister G. Goat is touted as having a recreational effect of Happy and Euphoric. First of all, I wanted to depict its parents which, brought together, created this popular strain. The legend has it, that a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated an Island Sweet Skunk. As you look to the left, there’s the incoming Romulan ship shooting its hemp-ray over the crops. Then I have the Sweet Skunk meandering around the mound of compressed Golden Goat hash. Yeah, that’s it. Enjoy the making of this favorite design and the cool golden goat wearing his cool shades and munching on some bud.

Pencil Portfolio

The Chronic Quest continues! The Todd Man draws, and draws, and draws. Behold this video montage of what’s to come, showing many of my illustrations currently in development…

I’d love your feedback as to which designs rock your world. Your input could make its way into the final design. Tell me, I wanna know… Which are the ones where you can’t say anything else but ‘badass’ or ‘brilliant’? Just hit me up with your vote or comment on the contact page and let me know what you think. Blazin’ forward… give me some paper to scribble on, man!