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Whatz Your Strain Stickers/Slaps

Yeah, TDOG has slaps... Premium vinyl stickers in packs of 24

Each sticker measures is around 4″ square  (except Gorilla Glue #4, which is more rectangular like a bumper sticker) and is printed on super-slick ‘n’ thick slabs of vinyl, that space-age material that went to the moon and back! This media will not damage what it’s put on, and lifts off, almost as easy as you slap ’em down. Show the world, what your favorite strain is!

TDOG Stickers of your favorite strains... Order Today

  • Pack of 24 individually bagged custom slaps, including shipping: $50.00 total (within the domestic U.S. only)
  • If outside the U.S. contact me via email or social media, thank you.